Believe Detox Center

We engage families throughout treatment to build a foundation for lasting recovery. Family programming—led by an addictionologist (MD), chemical dependency counselors and licensed clinicians—takes place every weekend. Family-based opportunities include psychoeducation groups and multi-family groups, plus family treatment sessions and meals.

Included on multiple lists of the top 5 best rehab centers in the U.S. based on core components that make up an excellent, well-established, and effective drug and alcohol rehab program.

Recreational programs are designed to help a person restore the normal functioning of their life after suffering from a debilitation condition, such as drug addiction. Besides promoting the enjoyment of substance-free living, rehab recreation contributes to emotional, physical, and psychological healing. For individuals who have abused their body with drugs and alcohol, healthy recreation is often a distant thought. Believe Detoxresidential program exposes clients to therapeutic activities during treatment and encourages them to carry these lifestyle changes into post-rehab.